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VOILA CHEF draws its essence through the association of 4 values that revolve around Gastronomy: pedagogy - sharing - passion - quality

Hence, sharing this ebook with you is naturally aligned with our desire to make the know-how of the greatest French Chefs accessible to you. This pedagogical manual offers you 6 technical description sheets selected from our catalog of more than 45 exclusive online courses available on

VOILA CHEF caters to all of you who love Gastronomy, craftsmanship and the French know-how. Whether you are an amateur, studying to become a Chef, an experienced Chef or you just enjoy admiring and learning from the great Chefs:
VOILA CHEF has been designed and created for you.

The 6 online courses that are included in this ebook belong to the beginner level and have been selected to allow everyone to make these recipes and discover the world of VOILA CHEF

On VOILA CHEF, the Chefs invite you to discover three different levels of courses in their respective field of expertise: beginner / advanced / expert.

In this ebook, we let discover the technical description sheets from the courses of Jeffrey Cagnes (pastry), Cyrille Van Der Stuyft (baking), Nicolas Sale (cooking), Jean-Thomas Schneider (ice cream), Fabien Pairon (delicatessen), as well as Florent Martin (sommelier).

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