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Chocolate Confectionery

🏆 Johan Giacchetti is the Chocolate Chef at the Le Bristol palace in Paris.

The Chef introduces you to gourmet, regressive palace chocolates, with three recipes that showcase his expertise and creativity:

- Sweets coated in a dark chocolate ganache with roasted vanilla: A creamy dark chocolate ganache enhanced by notes of roasted vanilla, cut into small squares and coated with a layer of crunchy milk chocolate.

- Hazelnut praline molded chocolate sweets: Magnificent milk chocolate sweets in the shape of sparkling little domes, decorated with dark chocolate and bronze-colored powder, topped with an super soft hazelnut praline.

- The Chocolate Bunny: The Chef's signature figurine: the iconic Easter bunny with a fun look, brought to life by the meticulous assembly of spheres and eggs molded in blond and dark chocolate.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to temper white chocolate, blond chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, how to make a ganache, how to pour it into a pastry frame, how to cut it into squares and coat it in chocolate, how to mold half-spheres and half-eggs, how to decorate them with sparkle dust, how to make a hazelnut praline, how to pipe it in molds, how to trim and clean a mold, how to make a paper cone and finally, how to assemble elements to make a figurine.


🏆 Olivier Lainé is a Pastry Chef instructor who teaches at the Ritz Escoffier School.

The Chef shares with you his passion for excellent pastry-making, and teaches you how to create three highly refined recipes with precision and pedagogy:

- Tatin style Savoy cake: An original reinterpretation of two French pastry classics: a soft, deliciously vanilla-flavored Savoy cake, topped with a heart of candied, meltingly soft and caramelized apples: a modern and gourmet tribute to the famous tatin pie.

- Passionately Tart: Delicate, flower-like tartlets with subtle, exotic notes of tropical fruit, topped with an invigorating apple-kiwi brunoise, a creamy pistachio ganache, delightful petals made with roulade and a delicious heart of exotic fruit confit: a true pastry jewel.

- Island Flower: An extremely elegant entremet that achieves the perfect balance between a mousse, with powerful chocolate aromas, soft pecan financiers, a tangy exotic confit and a meltingly soft gianduja-passion ganache - assembled in a flower shape, on top of a crunchy pecan shortbread.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make a dry caramel and how to deglaze it with butter for a gourmet touch, how to peel fruits - including apples - how to blend with a mixer, how to candy fruit in the oven and then unmold it, how to make a Savoy cake, how to bake it and then how to decorate it with confectioner's sugar, how to use a piping bag - filling the piping bag, piping with it, with or without a piping tip, how to prepare a sweet pastry dough using a mixer, then how to fraiser the dough by hand on the work surface, how to roll it out and how to cut it into small pieces, how to line a pastry ring, how to pre-bake the dough and then bake it until golden, how to prepare a sabayon, how to beat egg whites, how to prepare a roulade cake, how to make a fruit brunoise and how to cut fruits into cubes, how to blend the brunoise with a confit, how to prepare a creamy ganache to garnish the base of a tart and how to decorate it, how to mix with a hand blender - especially to smooth a glaze, how to whip cream with a mixer to prepare a mousse, how to pour a preparation into a mold, how to prepare shortcrust pastry dough, how to roll it out and bake it, how to prepare brown butter to give extra flavor to a financier recipe, how to prepare a crisp and assemble a entremet, how to glaze it and finally decorate it with chocolate decorations.


🏆 Guillaume Cabrol is Head Baker at the Four Seasons George V in Paris.

The Chef invites you to discover gourmet, regressive, palace style viennoiseries through three recipes that showcase his expertise and creativity:

- Sweet orange blossom focaccia: sweet, fluffy, light focaccia, deliciously scented with orange blossom and citrus fruits: a nod from the Chef to his native South of France.

- A frangipane King cake on viennois puff pastry: a dazzlingly original King cake, elegantly layered with strips of viennois puff pastry, and generously topped with an insert of frangipane cream with a powerful taste of raw almonds.

- The Chef's signature apple turnover: a sublimated version of the traditional apple turnover, made with extra-crisp, caramelized croissant dough and topped with a delicious apple-pear compote delicately flavored with vanilla.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to zest citrus fruits and flavor sugar, how to knead, prepare a bassinage, flavor, roll out and detail a fougasse dough, how to bake and decorate with confectioner's sugar, make a flavored pastry cream that will be used to make a frangipane cream, how to prepare an insert for a King cake, to shape butter and prepare the dough for a tourage, to make double and single folds, to make Viennese bread dough with visible leaves, to put add an insert during assembly, to roll out dough scraps and recycle them, how to decorate a King cake, especially with a flaky pastry, how to prepare an opaline, mix it into a powder and use it to caramelize a viennoiserie, how to peel and crush fruits to prepare a compote and flavor it, how to mix with a hand blender to obtain a smoother result, dust a work surface to knead the croissant dough, how to shape viennoiseries and bake them in a mold, and in particular to make apple turnovers and fill them by piping without a tip, and finally, how to master the final proof of a product.


🏆 Julien Alvarez is the Executive Pastry Chef at La Durée House and a World Pastry Champion.

The Chef reveals the secrets of luxury patisserie and teaches you how to make three exceptional recipes that are ideal for the festive season:

- Citrus baklava tartlets: Delicate brick pastry tartlets, infinitely crisp and inspired by the traditional baklava: a perfect balance between the crunch of lightly caramelized dried fruit, the acidity and bitterness of citrus fruit, and the irresistible sweetness of a delicious honey and orange blossom chantilly.

- Speculoos-flavored macarons: the must-have macarons for which Ladurée is famous, with an elegant, meltingly soft shell and a comforting, regressive cream with warm, spicy speculoos cookie notes: the ideal treat for family and friends throughout the festive season.

- A vanilla pecan yule log: the perfect dessert to round off your Christmas meal in style: a pastry log bursting with vanilla, topped with a creamy whipped mascarpone cream and a melting heart of pecan praline, all wrapped in an immaculate envelope of white chocolate, with a crunchy texture that will make you melt with delight!

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make a honey-butter to bake well-caramelized brick pastry, how to roast dried fruit in the oven and crush it, how to flavor a cream and then whip it up, how to zest and remove the supremes from a citrus fruit, how to fill a piping bag and pipe, with or without a tip, how to fill the base of a tart and decorate it, how to make and bake a spéculoos cookie and then pass it through a sieve, how to make a caramel and deglaze it, flavor a cream, how to make an Italian meringue and prepare a macaron mix, how to let it form a crust, bake it and assemble the macarons, how to make a streusel and use it to prepare a crisp,how to prepare a flavored syrup and brush it over the surface of a sponge cake, how tomake an insert for a pastry log, how to tempe white chocolate using the seeding method, how to make a mold for the log, and finally, how to delicately unmold it for a stunning result.


🏆 Vincent Broggi is French Sushi Champion.

The Chef gives a modern twist to traditional Japanese sushi and teaches you how to master the art of working with raw fish in three particularly exotic courses:
- Chirashi, temaris, nigiris and gunkans: the great classics of the art of sushi: how to cook and season rice to perfection, and how to make exquisite preparations with raw fish: a generous chirashi, magnificent temaris and the essential nigiris and gunkans.
- Makis and california rolls: traditional makis and their Western version, the California roll, accompanied by a creamy guacamole flavored with coriander
- Signature California roll: the Chef's signature roll, which showcases all his creativity and expertise: a veritable explosion of flavor in every single bite.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make the perfect vinegared rice for sushi. You'll also learn how to clean the rice beforehand, how to cook it, how to prepare the seasoning vinegar, how to handle this rice so as not to spoil its texture, how to cut sashimi slices of fish and vegetables to make various types of sushi, including chirashi, nigiri, gunkan, temari, maki and california rolls, how to work with nori seaweed sheets to make certain types of sushi, how to prepare teriyaki sauce, guacamole and flavored mayonnaise to accompany these dishes, how to prepare, slice and arrange avocado slices decoratively, how to slice fish to make, assemble and season a tartare, how to fill a piping bag to decorate sushi pieces with sauces and guacamole, how to blend the ingredients with a hand blender, how to scale, gut, lift and de-head a fish, how to fillet a fish and how to decorate a sushi roll with sprouts.


🏆 Maxence Barbot is the Executive Pastry Chef at the Parisian palace Le Shangri-La.

The Chef takes you into his world of ultra-flaky cakes and viennoiseries, with three gourmet recipes of the highest standard:
- Traditional madeleines in XL format, infinitely moist, soaked in lemon zest flavored honey.
- The iconic palmier is revisited and modernized with a flaky vanilla brioche, soft at the core, crispy on the outside, and subtly caramelized.
- The ultimate chocolate flan: a cocoa-flavored sweet pastry with a subtle crunchy puff pastry and a creamy dark chocolate flan filling.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to prepare a madeleine dough, how to zest a citrus fruit to flavor a dough, how to prepare a bain-marie, how to bake madeleines, how to flavor honey and use it to fill madeleines, how to scrape a vanilla bean, how to knead a brioche dough with a mixer, how to let the dough proof, how to degas it, how make a flaky brioche dough, how to shape a dough before layering it, how to make a double turn as well as a single turn, how roll out a puff pastry, how to make a puff pastry brioche dough with visible layers, how to cut the puff pastry and shape it into palmiers, how to make a dry caramel and an opaline, how to grind it to a powder in a blender, how to bake a viennoiserie, how to make puff pastry and cut it, then shape with visible layers, how to line a pastry ring, how to make a sweet pastry dough with a mixer, roll it out, cut it out and pre-bake it, how to make a flan filling, how to bake a flan or a cream pastry in the oven, how to pasteurize a mix, or how to brush on a topping for a more delicious result.

Ice cream

🏆 Stéphane Augé is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the Ice cream making category and holds the title of French Ice Sculpting Champion.

The Chef introduces you to the world of ice cream making in all its forms with 3 fun, refreshing and technical online courses:

- An assortment of water ice creams and fruity sorbets, easy to make, perfectly refreshing and ideal for summer
- A delicious ice cream bar with a crumbly shortbread base, runny caramel and salted butter caramel ice cream, coated with a thin layer of crunchy chocolate: an ode to gourmandise.
- An in-depth theoretical approach to ice cream technology, put into practice with three contemporary and original ice cream recipes: a simplified strawberry ice cream, a full-fruit sorbet with pear and Bleu d'Auvergne cheese, and a vegan almond-flavored ice cream.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to zest citrus fruits and make a flavored sugar, how to make water ice creams, popsicles, sorbets, vegan ice cream, ice creams, how to pasteurize and churn a preparation, how to come up with the ideal mix for an ice cream, how to make a runny caramel and a dry caramel, how to make, roll out, bake and cut out crumbly shortcrust pastry, how to roast and caramelize dried fruits to be added to a chocolate coating, how to prepare a natural ice-cream stabilizer, how to assemble an entremet in a mold and insert it into a montage, how to prepare a praline crunch or granola.


🏆 Angelo Musa is Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in the Pastry/Confectioner category, World Pastry Champion and Executive Pastry Chef at the Plaza Athénée.

Through 3 online courses, both technical and gourmet, the Chef will introduce you to the world of refined palace pastries:
- Gourmet cookies, with a soft heart of chocolate ganache and raspberry confit, sprinkled with crunchy sobacha seeds
- Light spheres of crunchy citrus meringues, filled with a surprisingly ultra-flavorful vanilla buttercream and lemon confit and coated with powdered ladyfinger
- Magnificent strawberry shortcakes, made with soft Genoise sponge, creamy vanilla mousseline, a flavor packed strawberry confit and topped with crunchy streusel.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make cookie dough, a chocolate ganache and raspberry confit insert, bake cookies, make an ultra-light buttercream, make meringues, pipe them, bake them, make a sphere assembly, make a colored ladyfinger, mix it, and decorate individual entremets with it, make a Genoise sponge cake, a strawberry syrup, a concentrated strawberry confit, whip a mousseline cream, make a streusel and assemble individual strawberries shortcakes.


🏆 Joël Schwalbach is Best Craftsman of France in the Bakery category (Meilleur Ouvrier de France boulanger)

Through these three online courses, the Chef invites you to discover:

  • Delicious brioche buns made from a soft olive oil-flavored bread dough. Ideal for making homemade burgers or deli sandwiches!
  • The famous golden pretzels and mauricettes, made according to the traditional Alsatian recipe, shaped two different ways and topped with sesame seeds.
  • The quintessential New York roll, made with a flaky brioche dough for an even softer and crispier result; its vanilla caramel version with vanilla cream, salted butter caramel, vanilla icing and caramel chips, and the pistachio version, filled with pistachio cream and chopped pistachios

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to knead a bun dough, a pretzel dough and a brioche dough, how to shape them, how to roll them, how to shape them into a bun, a pretzel or a mauricette, how to score a dough, how to dip pretzels and mauricettes in an acidic solution, how to bake these in the oven, how to layer a brioche dough, how to make rolls, how to make egg-free vanilla and pistachio creams, how to fill rolls and decorate them."

Chocolate Confectionery

🏆 Nicolas Cloiseau is Best Craftsman of France (MOF), Chocolatier

This Easter season, the Chef introduces you to the exciting world of chocolate through 3 edifying and gourmet online courses:

  • Delicious truffles with a soft, creamy chocolate and salted butter caramel ganache heart, coated with a crunchy layer of dark chocolate and bitter cocoa
  • Delicate white chocolate peonies, assembled petal by petal, to decorate all your chocolate creations
  • An egg-shaped bonbonniere made with dark chocolate, brushed for a subtle wood effect, and designed to hold your chocolates, truffles and Easter eggs

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make a dry caramel, a ganache, how to emulsify it so you can pipe it, how to make truffles and coat them with chocolate and cocoa, how to temper white chocolate and dark chocolate, how to make chocolate shavings to make pretty decorative peonies, how to mold an egg into a bonbonniere, how to carve it, decorate it and seal it.


🏆 Laetitia Gaborit is Best Craftsman of France (MOF), Cheesemonger

She introduces you to the world of cheese, a true French heritage, centered around producers and artisans, with 3 exciting and very instructive online courses:

Dive into this introduction to cheese, find out how it is made, its different technological families, its designations, how to taste it and pair it properly

Cheese-based recipes: 5 gourmet and original creations: truffle Triple Cream, truffle Brie, Camembert with calvados, Eoquefort with quince paste and flavored fresh goat cheese

Cheese platters: selecting, cutting and plating the cheeses to create a classic table cheese platter or a convivial aperitif platter, perfect for sharing.

🎓 She teaches you about the different cheese technological families and how they are made, how to taste and pair them, then how to make cheese-based recipes, like stuffing cheeses with truffles, fruits or other types of garnish, the different utensils a cheesemonger uses, how to choose a cheese, cut it, design a cheese platter and decorate it.


🏆 Patrice Ibarboure is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the Pastry category and he also is the Pastry Chef at the starred restaurant Les Frères Ibarboure , located in Bidart.

The Chef introduces you to precision pastry through 3 online classes, based on his signature recipes:
- An light and creamy Grand Marnier soufflé, served with orange marmalade
- His signature apple pie made with apple and quince compote, topped with slices of poached apple in syrup delicately plated
- A gourmet rolled log, filled with a chocolate-hazelnut spread and a praline and cocoa nib insert

🎓 The Chef teaches you to make an orange marmalade, a custard and then a soufflé dough, how to prepare soufflé molds, to cook and plate soufflés, how to make a sweet pastry, how to line a tart pan, how to make an apple and quince compote, how to poach apple slices and arrange them elegantly on a pie, and finally, how to make a Joconde sponge, how to make a spread and a tube insert, how to roll a log and decorate it with a printed chocolate sheet.

Her online courses will transport you into her sweet and delicate world, with classic recipes of her own.

Handling and Scaling fish

🏆 Sonia Bichet is a Chef Poissonnier and the winner of the 2020 Oyster Shucker World Championship.

With the Chef, you will discover the craft of fishmonger in a different and elegant way, through 3 online courses centered on different types of seafood and raw fish:
- Simple raw oysters and a oysters baked au gratin in the oven, with a white butter sauce
- A colorful seafood platter with deboned crab ballotines, prawns, langoustines "en hirondelle", and a delicious homemade mayonnaise with wasabi
- Her signature sea bass: a wallet style sea bass elegantly presented with sashimi and tartar, accompanied by its soy sauce with clementine, its condiments and its candied ginger

🎓 La Cheffe teaches you how to select oysters, open them, open shellfish, poach oysters and bake them au gratin with a white butter sauce, cook and shell a crab, make a coral crisp, make wasabi-flavored ballotines with the meat, prepare a plain and wasabi mayonnaise, arrange a seafood platter, gut a fish, open "wallet" style, remove its fillets, then cut them into tartar and sashimi before placing the raw fish inside.

Her exciting online courses will make you want to cook seafood and fish at home.


🏆 Jean-Marie Lanio is a head baker and international instructor.

In the course of his online classes, the Chef passes on his know-how about bread and pastries while crafting 3 exceptional recipes:
- A traditional soft cocoa baguette, filled with chocolate chips and cranberries
- Delicious kouign-amanns straight from Brittany, shaped in three different ways: folded, which is the most traditional method, rolled, the simplest method, and finally, with almonds and cranberries, made from dough scraps.
- The exotic chocolate dress: his elegant signature two-tone flaky pastry, comprised of a croissant dough with a cocoa layer, cut and shaped like a flower, enclosing in its heart a 100% chocolate brownie and a tangy exotic fruit-flavored cream.

🎓 The Chef thus teaches you how to knead a bread dough, flavoring it, folding it, shapin it into a baguette, kneading and layering a kouign-amann dough, shaping it into a folded and rolled product, and baking it in the oven, and finally kneading a croissant dough, making a two-color layered dough, creating an original insert and shaping an exceptional viennoiserie.


🏆 Romain Leboeuf has held the Best Craftsman of France (MOF) title in the Butchery category since 2015.

He lets you into his world so you can discover butchery in a different way through 3 online courses, based on 3 different pieces of butchery:
- a fresh tartar of duck fillet, with figs and crunchy walnuts, in a subtle walnut oil and cider vinegar dressing,
- veal paupiettes, round and elongated, stuffed with veal meat and served with a creamy sauce made from their own juices
- a delicious rib of beef like you've never seen before, prepared to keep only the best, then cooked at low temperature and served with a creamy shallot sauce

🎓 His 3 online courses are both exciting and they offer a wealth of learning and tips.
The Chef teaches you how to de-vein a meat, cube it, make a tartar out of it, cut escalopes, prepare a stuffing, shape round or elongated paupiettes, cook them in a casserole dish, cut a prime rib of beef, debone it, cut it, trim it, truss it and cook it at low temperature.


🏆 Philippe Conticini has been one of the major figures of French and international Pastry since the 1980s.

🏆 Jeffrey Cagnes is a Parisian pastry chef, among the most talented of his generation.

Together, they will teach you how to make 3 of their original creations, combining technical gestures and emotional undertones:
- a melting chocolate and hazelnut sweet
- a babamisu: a subtly reinvented baba, with tiramisu flavors, with a classic rum baba
- the Total régal: a Saint-Honoré with red fruits and floral notes of rose and orange blossom

🎓 In their online courses, the Chefs teach you how to make a streusel, clarify butter, make a fondant mixture, knead a baba dough, shape it by hand or with a piping bag, bake it, make a coffee-flavored cream, a raspberry and rose-flavored cream, a vanilla orange blossom whipped ganache, make an inverted puff pastry by hand, make a choux pastry, ice choux, and finally assemble a Saint-Honoré with nice piped elements.


🏆 Virginie Basselot is a starred Chef and one of only two female Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the cooking category.

Throughout her online classes, the Chef takes you on a tour of her Mediterranean cuisine, both flavorful and technical, and teaches you how to make 3 of her signature recipes:
- asparagus with yuzu mayonnaise and socca crisps
- free-range poultry with a creamy pistachio and celery purée
- delicious truffled artichoke ravioli with a baby artichoke salad

🎓 Through her videos, Virginie teaches you how to prepare asparagus, turn artichokes in order to prepare a stuffing or to slice them raw for a salad, make ravioli dough, roll it out to shape the ravioli, prepare chickpea flour crisps, make yuzu mayonnaise, prepare poultry supremes, prepare celeriac for purée or ravioli, preserve kumquats for condiments, and plating the dishes splendidly.

Chocolate Confectionery

🏆 Paul Occhipinti is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the Chocolatier - Confiseur category.

Through his online courses, the Chef embarks you on a journey into his world, where goldsmith's work, as well as a gourmet and regressive dimension coexist. The Chef will explain step-by-step how to make:
- melting marshmallows coated with cocoa
- a surprising dark chocolate bar filled with hazelnut praline
- his signature creation, a sublime gianduja roche, piped like a rose

🎓 Paul teaches you in his videos how to make a marshmallow mass, flavor it, pipe it into a mold and then coat it with cocoa, how to temperca chocolate, in order to get a shiny and delicate finish on all your preparations, how to make a hazelnut praline, how to make a molded and filled product, how to prepare basic duja and then gianduja, how to make an insert and how to delicately pipe it in the shape of a rose.


🏆 Pierre-Jean Quinonero is the 2021 French Dessert Champion and the Executive Pastry Chef at the Burgundy Hotel in Paris.

The Chef invites you into his world of haute pâtisserie through his master classes and teaches you to make 3 of his signature pastries:
- his magnificent vanilla and hazelnut praline brioche
- his Tahitian vanilla and almond praline flan, as elegant as it is delicious
- his incredible flaky, head-turning tarte tatin.

🎓 The young Chef prodigy teaches you how to make a brioche dough with a lot of strength for a very round and puffy result, roast dried fruits according to the desired taste, make hazelnut and almond praline, fill brioches, make a very crispy sweet pastry, line a high circle, make a delicious flan pastry, make a Viennese bread dough and turn it into a puff pastry, make apple tatin ribbon rolls, make a cider caramel and finally, plate elegant puff pastry tarts.


🏆 Johanna Le Pape is a wellness and committed pastry chef, and World Champion of Art Sucrés.

In her pastry master classes, the chef teaches you to prepare with her: 
- delicious vegan coconut peanut cookies, gluten-free and low in sugar
- a surprising low glycemic index chocolate hazelnut babka (without butter)
- her signature entremet: l'Eclat, a subtle antioxidant cake with vanilla, raw cocoa, coffee and argan oil

🎓 Johanna Le Pape teaches you all her techniques revolving around the theme of wellness baking: making a butter-free cookie dough, a peanut butter insert, shaping nicely rounded cookies, crafting a flour or tangzhong starch, kneading a butter-free Hokkaido brioche dough, braiding a babka, making a low glycemic index chocolate filling, making a perfect mirror glaze, assembling an entremet in a mold, making a cocoa crisp insert and finally, tempering chocolate to make an elegant cercle decoration for the entremet.


🏆 Florent Martin won the Best Sommelier of France title the 2020 competition.

🎓 In his three Sommelier classes, the Chef passes on his passion and boundless knowledge for wine.

He teaches you how to taste wine by recognizing the eight flavors on the palate, identifying the many aromas on the nose, and appreciating the color and texture of the wine.
He assists you in the creation of a cellar and teaches you how to choose the right wine for the occasion, with a specific section for the festive season.
And finally, the Chef teaches you how to create sublime food and wine pairings for a real dance of taste on the palate: seafood, fish, meat, charcuterie, cheese and desserts.

Charcuterie Traiteur

🏆 Fabien Pairon is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the Charcutier Traiteur category.

He teaches you 3 modern and gourmet recipes of charcuterie-traiteur worthy of the best hotel school in the World:
- a pate en croûte with 3 types of poultry and foie gras
- a lightly vanilla-flavored white pudding
- a surprising salmon koulibiac, elegantly wrapped in a brioche.

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to prepare and carve meats, how to make a mushroom Duxelles, how to prepare a pâté dough and blind bake it, how to assemble a pâté en croûte, how to make a hot emulsion of ground pork, how to stuff a casing to make a white pudding, how to pipe white puddings and fry them, how to marinate salmon, make dill pancakes, how to prepare a white fish stuffing, how to wrap a salmon insert inside a brioche dough and finally, how to decorate the dough with a magnificent lattice pattern.


🏆 Olivier Magne is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in th Baker category. 

He teaches you how to make 3 of his favorite recipes:
- a multigrain and fruit shelf-stable bread, or "sport bread"
- a subtle lemon roll,
- a surprising top-shaped two-tone brioche.

🎓 In his classes, the Chef shares with you his know-how and his highly technical mastery of doughs: kneading a bread dough, incorporating fillings, making a lemon-shaped roll to be baked in a mold or on a baking sheet, kneading a brioche dough, coloring it, crafting a two-color dough, making a cake dough, preparing top-shaped brioches, and finally mastering the doughs baking process.
As a bonus, the Chef explains some specific technical information related to baking, such as what a base temperature is.


🏆 Nicolas Sale is a two Michelin starred chef.

The Chef shares his passion for seafood with you through three recipes worthy of the greatest palaces:
- an avocado toast with crabmeat and pomegranate
- a surprising tartar of oysters and scallops with yuzu cream
- a pan-fried scampi with citrus fruits, pistachio enokis and a subtle coconut-lime emulsion

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to open and shell different types of seafood with ease: crab, oysters, scallops, scampi, how to make a delicious guacamole to use as a spread, how to finely chop and use different condiments such as shallots and chives, how to make a yuzu cream, how to make a coconut milk emulsion and finally how to dress your plates like in a Michelin-starred restaurant!

Ice cream

🏆 Jean-Thomas Schneider is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the Ice cream maker category, as well as Pastry & Ice cream World Champion.

The Chef shares his technical excellence with you centered on three frozen recipes:
- a floating island with a full-fruit raspberry sorbet
- a delicious mango banana popsicle coated with a crunchy dark chocolate
- surprising small frozen chocolate truffles with a caramel heart

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make minute meringues in the microwave, an error-proof custard, quick and bluffing caramel decorations, how to make three different ice creams from A to Z: a full-fruit raspberry sorbet, a creamy banana ice cream, an intense dark chocolate ice cream, how to coat a frozen popsicle, how to knead a chocolate streusel, how to fill caramel truffles, and how to join two half-spheres to make a truffle.


🏆 David Gallienne is a starred chef and winner of the Top Chef 2020 competition.

He shares with you his favorite recipes from his native region which is Normandy:
- a camembert emulsion with pears
- a John Dory subtly smoked with vine shoots and accompanied by a celery risotto
- a surprising gambero rosso shrimp and radish pie

🎓 The chef teaches you how to make a pear compote, a camember emulsion and powder, how to remove the John Dory fillets, smoke them with vine shoots, how to shell shrimps, cook celery like a risotto, how to candy lemons and make a puree, how to assemble and plate a sublime checkerboard pattern radish jelly.


🏆 Desty Brami is the executive pastry chef of the Château de Ferrières. Bruno Ciret is an instructor at the prestigious FERRANDI Paris school.

Together, they teach you classic and gourmet recipes:
- shortbread with beggars filled with a soft caramel
- the ever popular lemon meringue pie, pie or tartlet version,
- their version of the Paris-Brest, encased in shortbread

🎓 The Chefs teach you how to make shortbread pastry, a soft caramel, how to roast dried fruit, how to make a delicious praline, how to bake a lemon cream in a bain-marie or in a microwave, how to assemble an Italian meringue, and how to plate a Paris-Brest.


🏆 Cyrille Van Der Stuyft has been awarded the title of Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in the Bakery category.

Alongside the Chef, you are about to embark on a journey throughout his favorite universe, which is Viennese pastry-making. Discover his 3 new online courses, which are just as gourmet as they are technical:
- A soft and brioche-like Belgian waffle, with caramelized and crunchy sugar grains
- The Lil'Snack: the traditional "Petit écolier" cookie, revisited and transformed into a very gourmet pastry, made with golden croissant dough and filled with salted butter caramel
- A traditional king cake that combines a meltingly-soft puff pastry with a smooth frangipane cream, all made to perfection

🎓 During the course of his classes, the Chef passes on his technical excellence and teaches you how to make a brioche waffle dough, shape waffles and bake them, make a croissant dough and a shortbread dough, bake them, assemble an original viennoiserie and fill it with salted butter caramel, prepare an inverted puff pastry, a frangipane cream, assemble a king cake, bake it and decorate it.
His online courses will transport you right back to your childhood, thanks to classic recipes with regressive flavors, updated with a touch of excellence and modernity.


🏆 Nicolas Paciello is the Fouquet's brilliant pastry chef and owner of the CinqSens pastry shop.

He shares with you his most delicious pastry recipes:
- an foolproof cake with hazelnut praline
- a delicious éclair with a whipped pistachio-flavored ganache
- his personal interpretation of the famous Mont-Blanc pastry, with chestnuts and vanilla

🎓 The Chef teaches you how to make a pistachio praline, how to size hazelnuts, how to make a simple cake batter, how to prepare different types of whipped ganaches, how to pipe pretty eclairs, how to garnish them in different ways, and how to make an entremet in a mold.


🏆 Jeffrey Cagnes is a talented Parisian pastry chef.

He teaches you classic pastry recipes which he has modernized by adding his own personal twist:
- an elegant meringue pavlova with chantilly
- a chocolate cream pie topped with a pretty chocolate-flavored whipped ganache
- his spectacular pyramid of chocolate eclairs: the old-fashioned religieuse.

🎓 The Chef shares with you his pastry techniques: piping with a piping bag, sabler a dough, whipping a cream, baking a raspberry compote, making a choux pastry, baking meringues and eclairs, icing eclairs by hand, preparing a caramel and assembling the famous old-fashioned religieuse.

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