Vincent Broggi is the 2023 French Sushi Champion.

Vincent Broggi discovered his vocation as a chef later in life: he was pursuing management studies, which he showed little interest for, then dropped out and sent his resume to a famous sushi franchise. He quickly fell in love with this Japanese culinary art.

Eager to make his own creations, he launched his own pop-up in Biarritz, then traveled extensively to gain experience and find new sources of inspiration. He perfected the art of sushi in Denmark and Sweden, before becoming a consultant in Madrid. He then worked in the events industry in Saint-Tropez for a select and private clientele.

In 2022, he tried his luck at the French Sushi Championships and placed fourth. This electrifying experience motivated him and gave him the desire to outdo himself, hence he entered the competition again in 2023, this time successfully placing first. The new French Sushi Champion hasn't said his last word, as he now prepares for the World Championship.

Shortly afterwards, Vincent Broggi moved to Dijon's Cité de la Gastronomie et du Vin (City of Gastronomy & Wine), where he opened his own pop-up store. He worked alone, more concerned with detail than quantity. He then left Dijon to open a new pop-up store in Paris in August and September 2023. His unconventional approach to sushi blends diverse influences, and plays with textures, as well as colors.

For VOILA CHEF, Vincent Broggi puts a modern twist on traditional Japanese sushi and teaches you to master this ancestral art through three exotic courses: classic sushi (chirashi, temaris, nigiris and gunkans), the iconic makis and california rolls, and the Chef's signature rolls, an expression of his culinary creativity.


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