Cyrille Van Der Stuyft is a chef baker from Chartres. He was awarded the prestigious title of Best Craftsman of France (M.O.F.) in 2015, at the age of 27.

Cyrille Van der Stuyft began his apprenticeship in the family bakery.
He won his first competition at the age of 19, becoming one of the "Best Young Bakers of France".
Cyrille then obtained his professional certificate and his master's certificate at the National Bakery and Pastry Institute (INBP), a reference school located in Rouen.

After obtaining his diplomas, the Chef started to teach, as this was a field he had always been passionate about. First, he held a bakery teacher position at the CFA in Chartres and then, he became a demonstrator for Minoteries Guiard.
In 2015, Cyrille Van Der Stuyft was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France and became one of the youngest MOF bakers.
Cyrille's career path is complete: a bakery worker, a company manager, a teacher, a demonstrator technician and now, a consultant trainer in France and internationally.
The Chef also works in the development of bakeries in London, New York and Shanghai.

He loves to work the doughs by hand and he excels in the realization of viennoiseries, whether they are brioche or flaky ones. His creations are remarkable for their precision and aestheticism.
In 2022, the Chef wrote his first book "Viennoiseries leçons en pas à pas" (step by step lessons on viennoiserie) published by Le Chêne, a real reference book and "Bible" on the subject.

Back on VOILA CHEF, Cyrille Van Der Stuyft teaches you how to make 3 of his favorite pastries: Belgian waffles, his version of the "lil'snack", and a frangipane-flavored king cake.


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