Maxence Barbot is the Executive Pastry Chef at the Shangri-La in Paris.

Attracted to gastronomy from an early age, Maxence Barbot first studied cooking at a lycée hôtelier before branching out into pastry-making. Right from the start, he took part in a number of competitions, for which he won the medal of excellence in the final of the Skill Olympics in London and earned the title of vice-Champion of France of plated desserts  in 2013.

After completing his studies, he joined the team at the Plaza Athénée, where he quickly rose through the ranks, from commis to demi chef de partie. He then worked at the George V for 2 years, before returning to Brittany where he discovered the world of boutique pastry-making with Christophe Roussel, who introduced him to new techniques. He stayed there for a year before returning to the George V for 7 months for the grand opening of the Orangerie. He then worked for 3 years at the Plaza Athénée with Angelo Musa.

Since 2019, Maxence Barbot has held the position of Executive Pastry Chef at the Shangri-La palace, a must among Parisian luxury hotels. He leads a team of 15 people to craft an extremely diversified culinary offer.

The Chef is renowned for his puff pastry techniques, which he uses in both his pastries and his deliciously creative viennoiseries.

For VOILA CHEF, Maxence Barbot introduces us to the world of palace pastries and reveals the secrets behind three of his signature recipes: honey-lemon madeleines, vanilla-flavored puff pastry palmiers, and chocolate flans wrapped in a crispy puff pastry.


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