Patrice Ibarboure is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the pastry category and Chef of the starred restaurant located in Bidart, "Les Frères Ibarboure".

After a BEP in cooking and a stint at the hotel school in Biarritz, the Chef, who is passionate about pastry, went to Paris to perfect his art and worked for some of the best houses. First, he worked for Fauchon, in the boutique, alongside Christophe Adam, then for Pierre Gagnaire, where he learned restaurant pastry and discovered surprising combinations of flavors; finally, he spent time at the Hôtel de Crillon with Jérôme Chaucesse.

At the end of 2011, he left for New York, where he worked with Daniel Bouloud, a three-star Michelin chef: it was for me a particularly fulfilling experience. Two years later, he returned to his roots in the Basque Country. He became the pastry chef at the family restaurant, Les Frères Ibarboure, where his brother is the head chef.

Perfectionist and unrelenting, Patrice Ibarboure participated in many competitions: the French Dessert Championship and the Sucre d'Art European Championship. He rose to the finals and met Thierry Bamas, Best Craftsman of France (MOF) 2011.

Chef Thierry Bamas then became his mentor for the Best Craftsman of France (MOF) competition, which he won in 2019, after a long, intense and rigorous training. Today, the Chef still works at the family restaurant which has been awarded a star in the Michelin Guide.

For VOILA CHEF, Patrice Ibarboure teaches you how to make 3 gourmet recipes: an orange and Grand Marnier soufflé, his signature apple and quince tart, and a chocolate-hazelnut log just in time for the Holiday Season.


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