Stéphane Augé is Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the Ice cream making category and he is also a French ice sculpture champion.

Trained as a chef, but also passionate about pastry-making, Stéphane Augé discovered ice cream with friends who were Best Craftsmen of France (MOF)in the ice cream making category. Attending the finals of a MOF Ice cream making competition inspired him to delve deeper into the world of ice cream and its technology.

The chef works hard to take part in competitions, while working on ice sculpture at the same time. In 2003, he won the French Championship of Ice Sculpture. Furthermore, he joined a team which placed second at the Ice Sculpture French Cup tournament in 2005.

It was in 2005 that Stéphane Augé began training for the competition to become one of France's Best Craftsmen. He deepened his knowledge, developed new recipes, perfected his techniques... His efforts paid off and he was awarded the prestigious title of Best Craftsman of France (MOF) in the ice cream making category in 2007.

Today, the Chef is a teacher at the Quercy-Périgord hotel vocational school in Souillac and trains younger generations to become familiar with the world of ice cream making. He also provides training to schools and companies to help professionals advance in their field.

For VOILA CHEF, Stéphane Augé makes ice cream technology accessible to all and hosts three refreshing classes, ideal for the summer season: water ice creams and fruity sorbets, a salted butter caramel ice cream bar, and contemporary ice creams.

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