Olivier Lainé is a pastry chef and an instructor at the Ritz Escoffier School.

A native of Brittany, Olivier Lainé's passion for gastronomy was passed on to him by his father, and he was introduced to pastry-making at an early age during a first training course. Stimulated by this experience, he went on to take a CAP-BEP Pâtissier at the Lycée Louis Guilloux, where two encounters particularly impressed him: that of Eric Fillatre, his first teacher, and then that of Laurent le Daniel, Best Craftsman of France in the Pastry category.

Olivier Lainé began his professional career in Cannes, at the 2-Michelin-starred Oasis restaurant, where he worked extensively on taste combinations and an innovative approach to pastry-making. He then returned to Brittany to open a family restaurant: for 5 years he combined pastry-making with entrepreneurship. His love for pastry shops convinced him to return to Paris, where he worked at the famous Café Pouchkine, then at the Shangri-La palace, where he worked alongside Michael Bartocetti.

As years went by and he acquired experience, training and transmitting knowledge have been an extremely important focus for the Chef. So, in 2018, he decided to devote himself fully to teaching and became an instructor at the prestigious Ritz-Escoffier School.

For VOILA CHEF, Olivier Lainé transmits his passion for pastry excellence with pedagogy and precision: a soft Savoy cake with a heart of tatin-style candied apples, a delicate and subtle tartlet with exotic fruit notes and an elegant flower-shaped entremet with perfectly balanced flavors of chocolate, pecan and exotic fruit.


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