Romain Lebœuf is a Chef Butcher from the Berry region. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious title of Best Crafstman of France in the Butcher category.

Son and brother of artisan butchers, Romain Lebœuf completed his apprenticeship under the supervision of his brother Eric Lebœuf (who won the title of Best Crafstman of France (MOF) in 2007) before earning his CAP.

After winning the title of Best Apprentice of France Butcher in 2006, the Chef continued his training with a professional diploma and worked for different bosses, mainly in the Paris region before working with his brothers.

At a very young age, Romain Leboeuf became passionate about his job and the various competitions. In 2009, he left school and won the title of European Champion before starting a tour of France to discover multiple techniques.

At only 22 years old, the Chef opened his butcher shop in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, where he shares his knowledge and respect for the product with his young team. The Chef sources his meat exclusively from the French countryside and places great importance on working with passionate breeders.

A few years later, Romain Lebœuf became interested in the Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition, which he won on his first try, back in 2015. A real consecration, this title led him to start teaching professionals in the best French gastronomy schools.

The Chef is also the author of the book titled Butchery, step-by-step lessons (Boucherie, leçons en pas-à-pas) in which he shares with his readers his love for beautiful meats.

For VOILA CHEF, Romain Lebœuf teaches you how to make 3 delicious butcher's cuts recipes: a fresh tartar of duck fillet, figs and walnuts, veal paupiettes with their cooking sauce and a delicious prime rib, cooked at low temperature, served with a shallot sauce.


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