Paul Occhipinti is a chocolate chef from Sardinia. In 2018, he was awarded the title of Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in the Chocolate & Confectionary category.

When he arrived in France, he studied pastry, chocolate and ice cream making. During his youth, Paul was able to learn from MOF Chocolatiers such as Christian Camprini and Nicolas Cloiseau. At the tender age of 16, he met Christian Camprini who shared with him his love of chocolate and the world of French excellence.

Young and very talented, the Chef worked for the incredible Eden Roc hotel in Antibes as a chef de partie. Then, at the age of only 26, he was awarded the prestigious MOF title.

Attracted by the craftsmanship of chocolate making, as well as its playful, regressive and gourmet side, it was quite natural for him to launch his own artisanal chocolate factory, "Nico et les chocolats" in 2020 which takes us to a childlike world.
Mindful of being environment-friendly and wanting to respect the products he uses, his creations are certified organic and fair trade.
Paul is also a trainer at the most important gastronomic schools in France and abroad, teaching professionals in the field.

For VOILA CHEF, Paul Occhipinti reveals his secrets and shares with us how to make a soft cocoa and rum flavored marshmallow, a crunchy praline-filled bar with a touch of salt, and his signature Piedmond hazelnut & Gianduja rocher.

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