Laëtitia Gaborit won Best Craftsman of France, Cheesemaker in 2007.

Laëtitia became passionate about cheese at a very young age when she accompanied her father, a cheesemonger by trade, and went to meet producers, discovered their way of life.

She started her studies with a BTS in Dairy Product Technology in Haute-Savoie and then a BTS in Dairy Product Marketing to gain dual expertise.

After several years of working in cheese sales, notably in the export field of French cheeses, as well as in the mass market retailing field, Laëtitia refocuses on cheesemaking by becoming a cheesemonger in South-Western France.

Determined and with fueled with the desire to succeed, she entered the competition for one of the Best Craftsmen of France in the cheese category and at age 28, she was brilliantly awarded the title of Best Craftsman of France, Cheesemaker.

Passionate about the transmission of her craft and the influence of quality French craftsmanship, Laëtitia is now an instructor, as well as a consultant in France and abroad.

Laëtitia has developed a line of cheeses called "Laëtitia Gaborit, Meilleur Ouvrier de France" for the wholesaler Metro, which includes cheeses she carefully selected from producers.

For VOILA CHEF, Laëtitia Gaborit passionately introduces you to different aspects of cheese: the different technological families, cheese tasting, how to prepare cheese-based recipes, and finally, how to design different types of cheese boards.


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